Refund Policy


  1. The customer has the right to check the products before receiving, otherwise the original that the products receive them are valid and in the case of the factory, and will not accept any complaint of deficiency, break or similar after receipt.
  2. Home Marketing Group and affiliate brands do not incur any fees that are in line with international orders that may be imposed by customs or shipping company.
  3. Return or replacement is only made under the original invoice and the presence of the customer or commissioner.
  4. Products are recovered within 7 days and replaced within 10 days of receipt of the order.
  5. If the recovery or replacement is due to an error in the order or damage to the product, the customer does not incur the shipping or delivery fee.
  6. If the refund is due to the customer’s wishes, the customer will incur shipping fees and a 5% discount on the value of the returned products.
  7. When the goods are returned or replaced, they must be in their original condition as delivered and in their original packaging.
  8. The customer has no right to return or replace special orders or executed products at his request.
  9. In the event of return or replacement, a cheque or transfer of the return value to the customer shall be released within 6 business days, provided that the name of the customer mentioned in the invoice matches the name of the beneficiary in the bank transfer  or cheque.
  10. If switched, the products to be replaced and matched to condition 8 are recovered and a new invoice is issued with alternative
  11. The period of storage of goods in our warehouses after purchase is (15) days from the date of issuance of the invoice, and the marketing home group or its trademarks are entitled to request storage fees when the period exceeds.
  12. Filter products cannot be recovered or replaced after sale.
  13. Filter product offers cannot be combined with any other offer.
  14. Filtering and selling are applied to selected products only.
  15. Free delivery is not available on filter products.
  16. The Marketing House Group reserves the right to modify the lug during the qualifying campaign
  17. Filtering offers apply only in Saudi Arabia.