Marketing Home Group celebrated the expansion of the main showroom of Ceramic Home in Riyadh, in the presence of engineers, businessmen, and the group’s clients.
Al Qfari, along with a group of partners, opened an exclusive showroom for Hatch Sanitary to meet customer needs, making it the first Hatch Sanitary showroom in the central region. Hatch Sanitary seeks to provide luxury sanitary ware solutions and supplies imported from the world’s most famous factories, such as the Alpha Factory and the Geberit Factory.
He added: “We aspire to reach our customers wherever they are by opening multiple sales outlets in the Arab and international world and providing high-end services and high-quality products at acceptable prices.”
Ceramic Home’s showroom has the advantage of displaying all products. This allows the customer to view them as well as experience them, thus achieving a measure of the quality of the products.