Hypnotek joins the family of  brands housed in Marketing Home Group

MHG Press Release, Riyadh Mar 2020

Marketing Home Group (MHG) has started preparations for launching a new brand “Hypnotek®” which is a design oriented hi-tech brand containing various families of smart products and accessories that fall in the IoT category. The launch is expected in quarter 2 of 2020 where the product design and sourcing activities have been taking place in the second half of 2019.  

As transparency is a core value in MHG; the President of the group Eng. Mussad Algfari conducted a social media coverage in Dec 2019 that demonstrated the added value within the products.     The coverage received extraordinary hits and welcome while providing live feedback on demand and the hunger of the market for such high-quality products. (check youtube video)  

“We take pride in our process, we show our customers our ability in providing unique products, we listen to our customers seriously and take their notes then we spare no effort in providing the best quality products to satisfy their wants and aspirations, we simply make it Hypn (as a twist of the word Happen to meet the brand)” said Mr. Abdullah Al-Qurashi – General Manager of Hypnotek. 

Hypnotek smart solutions are aimed to provide home and office products and solutions for connected and convenient lifestyle. The brand compliments MHG strategy of providing modern products and solutions to enhance the living style of the general public.   (www.hypnotek.com)   

Marketing Home Group was established in 2006 and launched two subsidiaries Ceramic Home (2006) and Lighting Stores (2012) and continued expanding its operations in international and local regions such as Spain and south east Asia. MHG aims to conduct strategic alliances in order to enhance and expand its portfolio of products that serves achieving its strategic objectives. For more information on the group, check the about section in the  website www.marketing-home.com

We had the chance to witness a demo and hands-on session of few of the products to be launched by Hypnotek (check Videos and photos below).