Hatch Architects, Mar 24th, 2020

Eng. Musaad Algfari has launched the Architectural plans development initiative with the participation of approximately 200 architects from around the world, this is the second version of the initiative which was launched back in 2018. The initiative will be supervised by Eng. Musaad and Hatch Architects office.

The objectives of the initiative:

  • Providing a community service for those unable to pay the costs of a professional architect
  • Introducing the importance of professional architectural work
  • Introduce the community to the professional architects in the market and offer examples of their work

Whom is served by this initiative:

  • Those who have land and housing plans that need to be developed (before commencing construction)
  • This initiative will not serve Recreational constructs, rest houses, buildings, etc.
  • This initiative will not serve those who started construction.

How the initiative works:

  1. Plans are sent out in full for all floors with the general site plan to clearly identify the building’s regressions, preferably plans to be sent in AutoCAD format to the following email: [email protected]
  2. It is important to mention the name of the owner of the scheme, his/her number, the number of family members, and full requirements in the plan, including amendments and additional requirements, etc.
  3. The email is reviewed and if the applicant is entitled to benefit from the initiative
  4. Any blurred plans that cannot be worked on by the team or incomplete data will be excluded.
  5. The plans are sent by us to the participating architects randomly, the plans are then developed according to the requirements of the owner of the drawings. The completed work is presented to the owner by the architect for any notes that require amendment.
  6. The architect finishes the architectural plans with a manual or computer drawing as he wishes, a video presentation of the work is then social media for the benefit to prevail.

Eng. Musaad and participating engineers are conducting this initiative with the only aimed to please Allah the almighty, they only hope that these deeds are accepted by our lord.
Do not forget the team in your supplications