On Saturday, 3rd of September 2022, Jazan witnessed the opening of the Build Station showroom, it includes wide variety of collections of building materials and brands that are part of the Marketing Home Group.

The showroom will be welcoming visitors at 5:00 p.m. and its corridors will have Lighting Stores, Ceramic home, Hatch for Sanitary Ware and Furniture, and Fila products. Moreover, it allows testing of the products of Hatch for Sanitary Ware. Build Station is one of the first in its kind, as the exhibition with an area of 1620 square meters collected the basics of the building materials that meet the customers’ needs, and it is characterized by its strategic location in the Jazan specifically in Build Station.


Eng. Musaed Al-Gfari clarified that he aspires Build Station to become the first destination for every engineer, designer, and customer who wants to select innovative products that contribute to different experiences. Build Station showroom represents a major accomplishment in the series of Marketing Home Group.